Cheers to You

It took me this long to get here. For the longest time I didn;t know where to begin, how to start or even what the hell I was doing. So, no better way to jump in to just start writing.

Ive been wanting to start a blog for some time now to share with you, however I’m no expert in one area. I’ve never had an expertise (except for Simpsons trivia).I know a little about a lot of things. There are projects I’ve wanted to start, but didn’t know how to finish. Hope this blog isn’t one of them.

It’s 2013, i’m 25 years old and my name is Roshana,

I am the youngest daughter of 3. I come from a very close knit Afghan family.
Afghan you say? What’s that even mean, right? Well It’s next door to Iran, I speak Farsi and I have very critical parents. Does that help? My parents have high expectations of me, i.e- I should have become a doctor or a lawyer. And as their youngest and only unmarried daughter, I get most scrutiny. Today, my mom told me my mustache was out of control….

Here is what I can promise you for this blog-
1. I will write about events in my life
2. family
3.Me learning how to cook. Kind of like Cooking for Idiots
4. Nightlife in Dallas
5. Love

Well, that’s a lot so I better get started. Until next time my friends….




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