You’re here

2013! You’re here. What are you doing here? Who let you in?

175 I welcome you with open arms….and open eyes, yyeeaaahhh. This year shall bring new changes in ol’ girls life. New roommate, new residence, new job. I suppose 24 is a good age to relinquish the reigns and enjoy my youth. BUT, If I find even one wrinkle all hell is going to break loose. I DON’T MOISTURIZE MY ACNE PRONE SKIN FOR NOTHING!

Not being one for tradition, I opted out of the black eyed pea eating. Who started this? And why don’t we enjoy these peas throughout the year? Would it still be lucky if we ate them everyday?

Resolution #1: Eat more black eyed peas.

Living in Dallas now and finally seeing what this city has to offer. Apart from the law firms and bougie lifestyle my entry level job couldn’t afford, there is a vibrancy to this place. That is why I am here, internet! Not only for your viewing pleasure but also to record any and all experiences in this glorious city. If lady luck serves me well Dallas may not be my permanent subject.

[cue “Cowboy Take Me Away” – Dixie Chicks]

Resolution #2: Delete any and all Dixie Chicks downloads



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